WWLAX Club Requirements

Posted March 10, 2021 

Updated March 2022 

Updated February 2023 

Updated January 2024


It is my firm belief that lacrosse is a finesse sport.  If we can catch, throw and outrun our opponents, we will have a much better trajectory for our club.  Lacrosse, however, is a contact sport.  Some clubs are more physical than others. 

-Michael Lemma, Head Coach


It is a requirement for playing in our league and with our club that all players and families adhere to the following*:

All safety documents can be accessed, downloaded and printed from the Lacrosse Safety page. 

High School player Handbook and all other required documents are included in the registration packet and require acknowledgement in order to complete the registration process.

*Additional requirements, waivers and acknowledgements may be included in the registration process.