Lacrosse Safety

Please send these documents to or give them to me at the beginning of practice when complete. Please take a moment to study the concussion information with your player. It is important that the players know that concussions are very serious and that they need to understand what is happening if someone on the team gets a potential concussion. We have had personal experience with concussions with our oldest son. Please, if you, as a parent, have ANY concerns during a practice or a game, please DO NOT HESITATE to interrupt me or one of the parents that may be helping that day.

Concussion Document


Covid-19 Waiver Document


Cardiac Arrest Document


Personal Protective Equipment

Other than the obvious gear that I can see like the helmet and shoulder pads, ALL players are required to wear a mouth guard and an athletic cup for all practices and games. Now that we are starting to escalate in physicality, I need to make sure the boys are serious enough to protect themselves. While I will not practice hitting specifically in practice, I will discuss what is a legal hit and illegal contact. I will also be going over the recommended guidance about how to prepare for a check. We will also be encouraging stick checking more as we concentrate on defense.

Contact Sport

The Basic rule of contact is equal pressure. As long as a defensive player has two hands on their stick, they can contact another player with the ball. We cannot push off the other player.

We can check another player with our body when the ball is within 5 feet of the player. A check is legal if it is from the front or side, with two hands together on the stick and not extending the arms during the check. We can poke check with the stick and can hit another player’s stick, as long as they have possession of the ball so long as the defensive player has two hands on their stick and less than a 90 degree stick path.

Penalties of varying levels will occur for incorrect contact. The main penalties are:

  • No back checks or tripping from behind

  • No stick on helmet hits



Note: If you do not see the attached documents, you can find them in the TeamSnap Media\Safety folder.